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According to the Idaho Department of Education Special Education Manual adopted by Wendell School
District #232, the school district hereby gives notice that special education records are no longer needed
to provide educational services to individuals with disabilities who were enrolled in the district as a
student prior to May 2008 and have since left the school district. The district will destroy these special
education records (by shredding them) in 45 days. Destruction of these records is the best protection
against improper and unauthorized disclosure.
Please be aware that if you have special education records on file with the school district, these records
may be needed for social security benefits or for other purposes in the future. If you wish to review the
file or keep the file for your own records, please make the request to the administration office within 45
calendar days (May 6, 2018).
For further information, contact Wendell School District administration office at 208-536-2418.


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